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Digital Presence

Your competition is already online and available to everyone 24/7, why aren’t you?

Take your products and services nationwide, or even better, to the entire world. No digital presence is like opening a business and not telling anyone about it.


Even outside of business hours, customers have an address to visit to find out more about you 24/7 365.


In a digital world, almost everyone expects a company to have some digital presence. Your website would be the first point of contact for everyone.


With a website, your business can grow and have a bigger reach. Don’t be local, be nationwide. When they search for what you do on Google, be the first result and overtake the competition.


Give your customers the convenience of getting the information they require, take pressure off your team when answering frequently asked questions about what you do.

Digital Presence

With our Web Solutions, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. We’re able to do this by using cutting edge technology to store and host your web files. Accessible anytime and anywhere through any device.

Our servers and solutions prevent threats and attacks to your website as well as the basics like SPAM. We implement many advanced security solutions to both front-end (what visitors see) and back-end (the code that makes your website work) so your reach is only to leads and potential customers. Constantly updated with maintenance windows outside of your business hours.

We implement a wide array of technologies to do all all these things like:

SSL Encryption – Ever notice the padlock next to a website address? That’s just to say it’s secure and encrypted with an SSL Certificate – You get this as standard with any of our web solutions.

Host and Database – Constantly updated and managed, your host and database is kept secure.

DDoS Protection – Distributed Denial of Service for short is a well known type of attack aimed to disrupt and cause downtime. Our shields filter these types of traffics before they make it to your site. We understand that downtime costs money.

Firewall – We deploy firewalls to shield your website and data from attacks and injections. This shield is to ensure you comply, store data securely and prevent data from being compromised. 365 24/7 security for your website!

Using the latest technologies in Web Design and Development, we ensure that your website is presented super fast and responsive for any device. Did you know that 53% visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

That’s a fact from Google. Just some of the things we do to ensure super speed:

CDN (Content Delivery Network) – A group of geographically distributed servers used to speed up the delivery of internet content. The resourceful things like scripts, files and images are all copied on these servers and served to users for fast load times, anywhere in the world!
Caching – In short, caching is the technology used to store copies of pages, content, files, images and so much more to present to your users quicker.

Optimization – A key element to increasing website performance starts with basics like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimising files, scripts and images to reduce sizes. The smaller each element is in size, the faster it will load!

Our developers manage your website and ensure you’re up to date with the latest versions and patches. Our designers regularly keep your content fresh and new.

We build relationships, not a long list of “customers”. For the first 12 months of any web solution, we provide support, maintenance and changes to anything you need.


Don’t just sell your products and services in-store or over the phone. Times are changing, and to stay ahead of the competition, your business must adapt.

Sell your services and products nationwide or around the world all through a few clicks. Increase your sales with our Marketing and Branding solutions by running adverts for everyone to see

Sales Platform

Based on your business needs after a consultation, we evaluate and choose the best platform that suits you. From a wide range of partners like WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or completely custom built from scratch, we build for you.


We do the research and ensure your payments are taken securely and with the lowest possible fees. When stepping into the world of E-Commerce, you must comply with the law. For example, in the UK, there are only a hand full of payment gateways that can be used when selling nicotine based products (vaping), we provide you with this.


Our solutions provide an automated sales pipeline. For the customer adding to basket and checking out, to your employees handling orders and notifying customers. We create platforms that work for you.


Your customers can purchase your products and services directly from their phone. Select options like store collection or delivery. Limitless options for better selling.


It’s not just building websites and online stores. We have an amazing development team with black belts in several programming languages. The sky is the limit and any development work is possible.

Further to these types of developments and integrations relate more to our Internal Systems solutions. Systems built bespoke to meet your business needs and increase productivity.

There’s pretty much a system for each of your business operations. You may want to integrate these systems with your existing websites to give your customers and employees the convenience, flexibility and automate of workflows. These integrations could be APIs (REST, SOAP, RPC) or standalone systems. Professionally managed projects with GNN Solutions hands on throughout to consult and build.

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