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Take your business telephony to the next level with Voice Over IP (VoIP) Solutions

Office from anywhere

Take your business telephony to the next level with Voice Over IP (VoIP).

One of many features our Voice Solutions give your business is its cost effectiveness and the ability to work on the go. Available on mobiles, tablets, computers or a physical desk phone, our VoIP solutions are flexible.


Your office on the go from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Don’t let the old ways of telephony restrict your business productivity. Any Device, Anywhere.

Cost Effective

By using your internet connection to make / receive calls and many other operations, VoIP dramatically reduces telephony costs. We have several packages ready to deploy today or can build a custom telephony solution tailored to your business.

Instant & Scalable

Instant changes to features on the go. Scalable in just a few clicks, VoIP keeps up with your growing business.

Future Proof

No risk of your business telephony being redundant. Modern telephony solutions ready for the future. Old technologies are being faded out including ISDN lines, safeguard your business investment.


2025 – the year ISDN lines will no longer exist. Be prepared for the future to avoid business disruption. Modern Solutions made for you.


Call Queues & Ring Groups

Separate your calls and direct your customers to the correct departments and team members. Instantly available with no limits to number of members


The driver of VoIP with GNN Solutions is the extension (per seat / user).

IVR Menus

Give your callers the option to select who they want to talk to instead of the countless forwarding of calls. 1 for sales, 2 for support? Benefit your business so calls are made to the correct departments.

Time of Day Routing

Automate your telephony with time of day routing. For instance, during business hours, your callers could go directly to your team and after business hours, directly to a voicemail box or however your business requires.

Shared Mailboxes

Share mailboxes between departments, receive voicemails as mp3/mp4 clips as an email with all the information from voicemails.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor and Analyse your calls throughout the business (made and received). Keep control of your costs all through a self service portal built bespoke for your business. This dashboard also allows you to create a global company phonebook and so much more!

Call Recording

Whether it’s for training or monitoring purposes, you’re able to record calls.

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