Remotely Available Business

Times are changing. People and Businesses have learnt a lot from the pandemic and COVID-19. Several businesses have had to make immediate forced decisions for protocols and “things to do” in order to tackle COVID-19 and for business continuity.

Still to this day, some businesses are still missing key tools to make remote working possible with no interruptions or set backs. Some haven’t been able to work remotely at all because of these tools causing a complete shutdown besides mailing during the pandemic.

Remote Working brings many benefits both to your business and employees such as:

  • Less commuting time.
  • More autonomy.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Better work–life balance.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced need for office space.

In order to achieve the above, here are a list of things your business could do to become remotely available, anywhere in the world.

  • Collaboration – Is your business using Microsoft Teams? Communicate and Collaborate with your team instantly, anywhere in the world. Did you know, Microsoft Teams is most probably available to use at no cost in just a click if you’re a licensed Office 365 user?
    • Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that unifies chat, voice, video and file sharing. It’s designed to be used by local, remote and distributed work groups. Anyone in any company!
  • VPN – Applications, Files and Network specific locations have always been available when you’re at your desk in work. Why shouldn’t it be available away from your desk and on the go? Securely connecting to your network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is possible in todays digital world. Partnered with industry leaders, GNN Solutions is able to get your business remote ready today!
    •  VPN connection used by businesses and other professional organizations to securely connect their remote workforces and branch offices to the applications, data, tools and resources they need to do their jobs.
  • Voice – Don’t just forward your landline to a mobile phone. Take your landline with you, anywhere in the world, ready to communicate through an app, tablet or laptop, communicate better and get the message across. VoIP is the future of telephony, especially with the ISDN switch off commencing in 2025.

Besides the top 3 important things listed to keep your business running, it’s useful to have a desk setup at your remote location but with technology today, everything is accessible through a phone.

Want to get your business remotely available? Get in touch today so we can discuss your next steps.

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