Meta Quest Pro!

The first in a new line of cutting-edge headgear designed to increase the potential of virtual and mixed reality is the Meta Quest Pro. The headset’s pancake lenses compress light many times, resulting in smaller overall dimensions and crisper sights. Overall, the Meta Quest Pro headset is more ergonomic and balanced thanks to a new, curved battery on the back

Video from Meta (Facebook)

Meta Quest Pro, has 4X as many pixels than Meta Quest 2 thanks to high-resolution outward-facing cameras. Imagine the opportunities that will arise when the physical and digital worlds can finally communicate without you having to crane your neck to glance at a phone.

When Meta Quest 2 launched two years ago, the majority of people’s time in VR was spent alone. Now, the majority is spent in multiplayer and social apps.

Meta Quest Pro - All rights to Facebook
Image is from Meta (Facebook)

The world is taking a big step to the Metaverse. This product is something else!

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